All are welcome to participate in an Ensembles, even if you are not one of my students. I am looking for ALL instruments, not just the ones that I teach. Do you have a friend who wants to be a part of a band? What do they play? Do they sing? I'm sure we can work them into an ensemble.

There's no substitute for playing together with other musicians in a band. Students not only have fun, but they learn how their instruments (and themselves as musicians) fit together to create a much larger and, often, more satisfying sound than they get when they play solo. Ensemble playing gives students a space where they can develop both musically and socially. They learn to listen to other players, to collaborate and to prepare a piece of music from beginning to end for performance.

Ensembles are typically 3-5 students and are organized around the interests of it's participants. I do my best to mix and match students with similar ability levels and interests in similar genres of music. Because of this, there is often a waiting list so, please let me know if you are interested in participating so that I can start placing you in an ensemble.

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